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Nature Notes

Nature Notes

I thought today I would start a post called nature notes. Whether this is fortnightly, monthly or something else remains to be seen. I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. It occured to... READ MORE

ArtPlants and environment

My Artwork

Today’s post is about art or more specifically my artwork.     Since graduating from university last June my involvement in sketching, painting and other ways of producing artwork seems to have fall... READ MORE

Onions in the soil 2015

Wonderful onions

Todays post is about onions, a number of you thought this was a good idea so this is for you. Onions are the most used and useful vegetable in the kitchen, used to... READ MORE


It’s not about the Potatoes…

Well…actually it is. Yesterday we went off and bought some potatoes and onion sets. The onions always seem to grow very well our main problem this year has been storing them with all... READ MORE